Thatcher special

Dear poet

You contributed to a Thatcher Special to be released on the day she kicks-the-bucket…

I’m delighted to say a poem of yours has been included.

We had over 400 poets contribute so have had to restrict it to one poem per poet…

The collection is 40 pages long with a wonderfully appropriate full-colour cover… the other poets in the collection are listed below.

Bob Parker

Steve Ely

Dee Rimbaud

Gabriele Quartero

Fabio Izzo

Steve Fowler

Christopher Barnes

Alan Gibbons

Kevin McCann

Harry Wilkens

Jane Barnett

Jan Oscar Hansen

Alan Corkish

Matt Routledge

David Bateman

Oliver Nejad

Ray Gregory

Paul Kelly

Andrew Graves

ed waugh

David Turner

Sam Smith

Jim Devlin

Rupert M Loydel

bart sonck

Tom Kelly

Alice Collier

Jacqui Dunne

Carol Fenlon

Andrew Taylor


Dave Migman

Brian Carlin

Liam Jones

Peter Branson

Ray Gregory

Richie Mais

Chris McCabe

Lionel Welch

Robert Cole


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